Butsugenbutsumo (仏眼仏母)

Butsugenbutsumo, buddhalocanii in Sanskrit, is a form of Buddha that is worshiped in Buddhism, especially in esoteric Buddhism. It is deification of the eyes looking at the truth.

Depending on which sutra the Buddhist sect is based on, one of three kinds of Butsugenbutsumo--Dainichinyorai shohen, Shakanyorai shohen, and Kongosatta shohen--is described.

The symbols of the Buddha are Nyoraigan featured by a bump on top of the head and smiling eyes, Kongogan featured by smiling eyes on both sides of a vejra with a single sharp blade at each end, and Nyoihoju that is a wish fulfilling gem. Its mantra, a syllable symbolizing Buddha, is ga or zril.

In Japan, Butsugenbutsumo is generally represented as a form of Bodhisattva wearing ornaments who is smiling with great joy and showing her hands in the gesture known as Hokaijoin.

A person understands the world's reason by looking at the truth and becomes Buddha, i.e. 'an enlightened person.'
This is personified as 'eyes looking at the truth will give birth to Buddha', and further as 'divinity of the universe to make a person look at the truth to reborn as a Buddha', which were further developed into worship of Buddha's eyes that symbolize the mother of Buddha.

A commentary on a sutra "Dainichikyosho" interprets Butsugenbutsumo as 'various Buddha observe people and appear to them in the right form to save them' based on the Mahayana Buddhism idea such that Bodhisattva is trying to save all sentient beings.

In esoteric Buddhism, the role of Butsugenbutsumo is to 'open people's eyes to make them reborn as Buddha,' and for that purpose, its mantra is recited in the ceremony of consecrating a newly made Buddhist image or statue.

Butsugenbutsumo is also interpreted as a form of tathagata known as Taizokai Dainichi Nyorai being attained a state of deep meditation known as Kongokai Gachirin Sanmai, and is considered very closely related with Ichijikinrinbuccho, a deified mantra 'bhruum'. For example, Ichijikinrinbuccho wins over evil deities with its weapon known as Rinpo, while Butsugenbutsumo enlightens and leads evil deities by teaching without pointing out mistaken beliefs.

That is why Ichijikinrinbuccho is always drawn in the mandala chart of Butsugenbutsumo, and Butsugenbutsumo is always drawn in the mandala chart of Ichijikinrinbuccho.

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