Chiko Mandala (智光曼荼羅)

Chiko Mandala is the generic name for Jodo Mandalas made after the style of the Mandala which is said to have been envisioned by Chiko and has been preserved in Gango-ji Temple of Nara City

It is one of the Three Jodo Mandalas. While the Taima Mandara has the complex composition formed of four sections based on Kanmuryoju-kyo (one of the scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism), Chiko Mandala has the extremly simple design representing only Jodo (Pure Land). It also includes two priests, Chiko and Raiko at the bottom of the mandala.

Additionally, Chiko's own sobo (the priests' living quarters in a Buddhist temple) was called Gango-ji Temple, because he had hung Jodo Henso-zu (Jodo Mandala) which he had painters paint and prayed for the rebirth in Gokuraku-Jodo. His rectangular sobo was divided in two 'Gokuraku-do' where Chiko Mandala was enshrined and 'zenshitsu' (Zen room) for dojo (place of Buddhist practice or Zen sitting meditation), and has been preserved until today.

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