Cloistered Imperial Prince Kakukai (覚快法親王)

Cloistered Imperial Prince Kakukai (1134 - December 23, 1181) was a Buddhist monk of Tendai Sect in the late Heian period. His father was the Emperor Toba.

He entered Mt. Hiei when he was 13 years old, and became a monk and studied Exoteric Buddhism as well as Esoteric Buddhism under Gyogen Daisojo (the highest title of Buddhist monk). He was conferred the title of Gon-Risshi (a title of Buddhist monk) in 1150 and in the following year, 1151, he received denpo-kanjo (the consecration for the transmission of the Dharma) from Gyogen and was conferred the rank of Hoin (the highest court rank given to a Buddhist monk). In 1160, he conducted prayer at the Imperial Palace on the occasion of a solar eclipse and it has been passed down that his prayer was efficacious. He became Muhon-Shinno (Imperial Prince without court rank) in 1170 and was inaugurated in 1177 as the chief priest of Enryaku-ji Temple after Myoun, his predecessor, was banished while concurrently serving as the chief priest of Hosho-ji Temple. He resigned from his posts in 1180 due to illness and entered into a secluded life at Shoren-in Temple.

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