Daigan (大含)

Daigan (May 21, 1773 - November 12, 1850) was a priest of Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) (Otani school) during the late Edo period. He was born in Mantoku-ji Temple in Bungo Province and was adopted by Horei of Shogyoji-Temle in Kojo, Buzen Province. His other name was Suehiro Unge.

He entered Takakura Gakuryo (the present Otani University) of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple and studied, then in 1834 he assumed the post of koshi (in present-day the post of university president). He excelled in prose and poetry, calligraphy, paintings and interacted with the Confusian scholar Sanyo RAI and the Nanga painter (an original style of painting during the Edo period which had a great deal of influence from the Chinese Nanga style) Chikuden TANOMURA and others.

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