Engyo (円行)

Engyo (799 - March 29, 852) was a monk of Shingon sect in the Heian period. He was born in Kyoto. He was one of the eight priests who went to China (Saicho, Kukai, Jogyo, Engyo, Ennin, Eun, Enchin, and Shuei).

He first studied under Saiei of Gango-ji Temple and entered priesthood and received religious precepts as a Kegon sect monk. He received Daiho (great traditions of Esoteric practices) of both Kongokai (Diamond Realm) and Taizokai (Womb Realm) from Kukai in 823 and also received kanjo (a ceremony to be the successor) from Gorin. He became a nitto-shoyaku-so, a monk who was approved to go to China, with recommendation by Jichie (Jitsue) and he went to Tang with Ennin, Ensai, Jogyo, and others in 838. He succeeded to the teachings from Gishin of Qinglongsi Temple. He came back from Tang the following year, 839, and presented 'Shorai Catalogue' (Esshuroku). He later founded Reigan-ji Temple, Yamashiro Province by an imperial order and was also appointed to the first betto (the superior of a temple) of Tenno-ji Temple. It is also said that he was the founder of Taisan-ji Temple in Harima Province.

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