Jogyo (貞暁)

Jogyo (birth date unknown - January 9, 867) was a Buddhist monk who lived during the first part of the Heian period. His birthplace is unknown. He is also known as Ogurisu Risshi and Nyuto Konpon Daishi. He was one of the eight priests (Saicho, Kukai, Jogyo, Engyo, Ennin, Eun, Enchin and Shuei) who travelled to Tang Dynasty China.

He began by studying the three treatises (the Treatise on the Middle Way, the Treatise on the Twelve Gates, and the One-Hundred-Verse Treatise) under Buan of Gango-ji Temple before being consecrated by Kukai. In the year 838, he travelled to Tang Dynasty China to study the three treatises. He studied the three treatises under Wenji in Yangzhou, esoteric Buddhism and Daigen Suiho (esoteric Buddhist rituals to pray for the defeat enemies and traitors as well as the security of the nation) under Bunsai before returning to Japan in the year 839. In the year 840, he housed a statue of Daigensui Myoo at Horin-ji Temple in Uji, Yamashiro Province and was granted permission to use it as an esoteric ritual temple. Jogyo went on to be the first to conduct Daigen Suiho rituals at the imperial Joneiden palace. Daigen Suiho subsequently became part of the Goshichinichi-no-mishiho (a seven-day New Year ritual). He was appointed Gon Risshi (generally in Shingon sect, fifteenth-ranking Buddhist priest, literally, "supernumerary master of discipline") in the year 864.

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