Fukujoju Nyorai (不空成就如来)

Fukujoju Nyorai (Amoghasiddh) is one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas worshipped in Buddhism.

The sanma yagyo (characteristic aspect of the Buddha) is Katsumakongo (crossed Sanko-kongosho). Its shuji (a characteristic one-syllable word to depict the Bodhisattva) is aH.

Fukujoju Nyorai is one of the Kongokai-gobutsu (Five Buddhas of the Diamond World) in Esoteric Buddhism, and is located in the north of Dainichi Nyorai (Mahavairocana) in the Diamond World Mandala (at the right side of Dainichi Nyorai). This is an embodiment of Josho Sacchi (the wisdom of accomplishing that which is to be done) among the states of enlightenment associated with the idea of Yuishiki (consciousness only, the basic doctrine of the Japanese Hosso school). This means practicing something regardless of anything else. Amogha' in the original language means 'no vain,' which indicates that this Nyorai achieves every little thing. Its mudra includes a left hand grasping the gown in front of the belly and a right hand raised to the level of the chest with its palm facing forward to form Semui-in (the mudra for bestowing fearlessness).

Fukujoju Nyorai is believed to be the same as Tenkuraion Nyorai (or Divyadundubhimeganirghosa, literally, Buddha of Thunderous Sound of the Heavenly Drum) in the north of Taizokai (Womb Realm). It is also identified as Shaka Nyorai.

Most statues of Fukujoju Nyorai in Japan were made as one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas; there is almost no statue of or belief in Fukujoju Nyorai alone.


On abokya shitsudei aku

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