Jodo Sanmandala (Three Pure Land Mandalas) (浄土三曼荼羅)

Jodo Sanmandala is a term representing the 3 leading types of compositions among the traditional Jodo Mandala (Pure Land Mandala) (or Jodo Henso-zu [Pictures of Amitabha's Paradise] to be precise) in Japan. It is also sometimes used to mean the master copy of the respective type of composition.

Taima Mandala
- The master copy was "Kanmuryo Jukyo" henso-zu, a collection of Taima-dera Temple.

Chiko mandala
-The master copy was "Amida-kyo Sutra" henso-zu, a collection of Gango-ji Temple.

Seikai Mandala
- The master copy was "Kanmuryo-Jukyo" henso-zu, a collection of Chosho-ji Temple.

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