Kanchu Chutai (観中中諦)

Kanchu Chutai (year of birth unknown-April 30, 1406) was the ninth priest of Shokoku-ji Temple in Kyoto.

He became the chief priest on April 11, 1400 and died on April 30, 1406. He died at the age of 63.

According to the recent study, he is considered to be the real writer of 'Gusei' so called 'Shonen oiyasuku gaku narigatashi' which used to be considered to the work of Chu His (1130-1200).

This phrase (poem) is included with the title 'Shingakusai' in "Seishoshu" (included in "Kanchuroku Seishoshu" issued by Shokoku-ji Temple, translated and commented by Sonin KAJITANI))

As young people get old quickly and it is difficult to achieve in studies, you have to study hard in your youth.

Every little time should not be depreciated.

While not waking up on the spring flowers with nice smell, the trees of firmiana simplex in the garden show almost coming of the autumn.

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