Kanpen (寛遍)

Kanpen (1100 - July 28, 1166) was a Shingon Sect Buddhist monk who lived during the latter part of the Heian period. His father was Dainagon (Major Counselor) MINAMOTO no Morotada. He is also known as Sonshoin Daisojo and Ninnikusen Daisojo.

Kanpen entered the Buddhist priesthood under Kanren of Engyo-ji Temple in Yamashiro Province and was consecrated by Kanjo. He went on to restore Ninnikusen Enjo-ji Temple in Yamato Province and conducted the Ichijikinrin-ho (ritual of the one word golden wheel) on a daily basis. Kanpen was successively appointed betto (administrator) of Koryu-ji Temple, choja (head priest) of To-ji Temple, homu (director) of To-ji Temple, betto (administrator) of Ninna-ji Temple and betto (administrator) of Engyo-ji Temple, as well as being granted the rank of Daisojo (a Buddhist priest of the highest order) in 1161. During this period, he served as officiating monk at the dedication ceremony of the Daito (pagoda that according to Shingon doctrine represents the central point of a mandala) of Mt. Koya, and founded Sonju-in Temple and housed within it a copy of 'Goshuin Engi' (a history of Mt. Koya with the red seal) that was donated by Emperor Toba's wife, Empress Bifukumon-in (FUJIWARA no Tokushi).
He excelled at practical training and became the founder of the Ninnikusen School

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