Kanshin (寛信)

Kanshin (also known as Kanjin) (1084 - April 2, 1153) was a Shingon sect priest in the late Heian period. His father was Sangi (councillor) FUJIWARA no Tamefusa. He was also called Kaju-ji Homu.

He learned San-lun Teachings from Kakuju at Todai-ji Temple, and esoteric points of the Shingon sect Ono school from Genkaku at Kanshu-ji Temple. He assumed the post of Betto (the superior of a temple) of Kanshu-ji temple in 1110 and worked hard for the provision of Hokke hakko (ceremonial series of eight lectures on the eight scrolls of the Lotus Sutra) at the temple. In 1134, he was awarded the position of Gon shosozu (Junior lesser prelate) for Nanto Sanei-ko and later became Gon daisozu (Junior prelate). During that time, he served successively as To-ji Choja (the chief abbot of To-ji Temple), To-ji Homu (the director of To-ji Temple Affairs) and Todai-ji Betto. He left various writings concerning the practical trainings of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.

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