Kenpon Hokke Sect (顕本法華宗)

Kenpon Hokke Sect, whose sect founder was Nichiren and school founder was Nichiju, is a school of the Nichiren Sect.

Sect Founder

School Founder

The Main Temple of the School
Myoman-ji Temple (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)

Kenpon Hokke Sect is a school of the Nichiren Sect whose head temple is Myoman-ji Temple in Kyoto. In the past, it was also called the Myoman-ji School of the Nichiren Sect or Nichijumon School.

Honda Nissho Shonin
He was born in 1867 as the 2nd son of Kenjiro KUNITOMO of the Himeji clan and became the heir of Nikkyo HONDA, who was a priest at his family temple. He studied at Tetsugakukan (later Toyo University). He assumed the position of the head of the religious affairs division at the age of 24 and strived for education and propagation since he was so disappointed with the school's deep-rooted evil and slump, but his activities caused other priests' resentment against him and he was suddenly divested of his priesthood. In order to realize justice, he established propagation facilities of the Kenpon Hokke Sect at many places and was constantly on the move. On the back of many religious associations' voice that requested his return to Buddhist society, he returned to the priesthood and compiled the elements of the Myoman-ji School. He renamed the school Kenpon Hokke Sect. As he was worried about the decadence in Buddhist society, as well as the fragmented Nichiren Sect, he organized toitsudan (unification groups) in cooperation with interested people from other religious orders. Thereafter, he organized Tensei-kai, which consisted of prominent persons from various societies, Komyo-kai, Chimei-kai, which were for females, and Jikei-kai, which was for laborers. He was active throughout the nation, spreading Buddhism centered on Buddha and Shakyamuni, which was advocated by Nichiren Shonin, as well as the joy of belief that gives courage and mercy in life. He died in 1931 at the age of 65.

Nichiju established Myoman-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) in 1389.

In 1608, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA ordered Nikkei of Myoman-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) and Kakuzan of Jodo Sect to hold a doctrinal debate (Keicho shuron) at Edo-jo Castle and Nikkei was punished by having his ears and nose cut off.

In 1872, the Nichijumon School became associated with other schools in the Nichiren Sect according to the system of one superintendent priest for one sect.

In 1874, the Nichijumon School became affiliated with the Shoretsu School of the Nichiren Sect.

In 1876, Nichijumon School officially named itself Myoman-ji School while nominating its own superintendent priest and the Shoretsu School of the Nichiren Sect was dissolved.

In 1898, Myoman-ji School officially renamed itself Kenpon Hokke Sect.

In 1941, Kenpon Hokke Sect, Honmon Sect and Nichiren Sect consolidated in accordance with the Religious Corporation Act and the new sect officially named itself Nichiren Sect.

In 1947, out of about 380 temples belonging to the Nichijumon School, about 200 temples including Myoman-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) became independent from the Nichiren Sect again and officially named themselves Kenpon Hokke Sect. Another 180 temples of the Nichijumon School remained in the Nichiren Sect.

Head temples and Kazusa ten temples belong to each sect as shown below.

Kenpon Hokke Sect : The main temple Myoman-ji Temple, the head temple Aizu Myoho-ji Temple, the head temple Shinagawa Tenmyokoku-ji Temple, the head temple Kyoto Jakko-ji Temple, Kazusa ten temples including Toke Zensho-ji Temple, Toke Honju-ji Temple, Honno Renpuku-ji Temple, Togane Honzen-ji Temple, Kitanokoya Myotoku-ji Temple and Matsunogo Honsho-ji Temple.

Nichiren Sect : The main temple Aizu Tenmyokoku-ji Temple, the main temple Iida Honko-ji Temple, the main temple Mitsuke Genmyo-ji Temple, the main temple Yoshimi Myoritsu-ji Temple, Kazusa ten temples including Oami Rensho-ji Temple and Miyatanidanrin Honkoku-ji Temple.

Independent : The head temple Shinagawa Honko-ji Temple, Kazusa ten temples including Togane Saifuku-ji Temple and Tanaka Hoko-ji Temple.

Currently, Nichigen NAKAMURA is the three hundred and fifth chief abbot of Myoman-ji Temple.

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