Kenshin (顕真)

Kenshin (1131- December 20, 1192) was a Tendai sect priest in the late Heian period.

His pseudonym (pen name) was Senyo-bo. His father was FUJIWARA no Akiyoshi, Uemon Gon no suke (provisional assistant captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards). His mother was a daughter of FUJIWARA no Tametaka, Sangi (councillor).

After learning Tendai doctrine and Esoteric Buddhism at Mt. Hiei, Kenshin lived in seclusion at Ohara-bessho in 1173. It is said that Kenshin was influenced by Jodo-shinko (the Pure Land faith), and in 1186 conducted Ohara Mondo (Ohara Debate) with great scholars, including Honen, Chogen, Jokei, Myohen, and Shoshin. However there were heretics in the participants. In 1187, he initiated Fudan nenbutsu (continual chanting of Buddhist invocation) at Shorin-in Temple and in 1190, became the 61st Tendai-Zasu (the head priest of the Tendai sect). He also served as Shogi judge of Saisho-e (Buddhism meeting held by the imperial order to lecture on Golden Light of the Most Victorious Kings Sutra and to pray for the peace and security of the nation). In 1192, he passed away in Enyu-bo, Mt. Hiei.

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