Kenson (顕尊)

Kenson (March 5, 1564 - April 12, 1595) was the 17th head priest of Kosho-ji Temple. His imina (real name) was Sacho. He was the second son of Kennyo, the 11th head priest of Hongan-ji Temple. His mother was Nyoshun-ni, the third daughter of Kinyori SANJO.
His wife was the daughter of Tamemasu REIZEN (former wife of imperial prince Sanehito.)
His childhood name was Akomaru. His pseudonym was Kaonin, and his posthumous name was Okanin.

At the age of four, he was adopted as a son of Shoshu, the 16th head priest of Kosho-ji Temple. In 1569, he succeeded Kosho-ji Temple, which was waki-monzeki (subordinating temple to legitimate the temple).
In 1575, when he officially entered the Buddhist priesthood under the guidance of his father Kennyo as kaishi (a priest who imparts the Buddhist commandments,) he was assigned to hogen (the second highest rank in the hierarchy of Buddhist priest.)
In the Ishiyama war, he managed to ferry supplies from outside into the besieged Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple to support his father who was holding the temple, in conspiracy with Terumoto MORI of Aki Province. This brought an opportunity for Kenson's son Junson to marry with Terumoto's adopted daughter after Kenson's death.

After his father retired from Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple, Kenson followed his father and migrated to various places such as Saginomori Hongan-ji Temple in Kii Province, Kaizuka City in Izumi Province, and Ozaka Tenma in Settsu Province.
In 1589, he became Gon no Sojo (a priest at provisional rank in the highest managerial position.)
Two years later, when his father Kennyo restored Nishi Hongan-ji Temple at Shichijo-dori Street, Kyoto, through mediation of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, Kenson was given land next to the Nishi Hongan-ji Temple, where he reconstructed Kosho-ji Temple.

In the race for the successor of his father Kennyo, Kenson supported his younger half brother Junnyo, whom his daughter Ako married as a lawful wife.

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