Kuhon-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (九品寺 (京都市))

Kuhon-ji Temple, located in Higashi Kujo, Minami Ward, Kyoto City, is a temple of the Jodo (Pure Land) sect. Its honzon (principal image of Buddha) is Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata).

This temple is reported to have originated in Amida-do Hall (a temple hall having an enshrined image of Amitabha), which was built in the Heian period by the retired Emperor Gotoba at Toba-dono Palace, which is also known as the Toba-rikyu (Toba detached palace) in its present location of Nakajima, Fushimi Ward. Along with the aging Toba-dono Palace, Amida-do Hall also became decrepit, but it was restored by Chosai, a monk of the Jodo sect, during the years of 1184 through 1228, and was eventually moved to its present site in 1471. Although the fate of this temple was one of continual decline, it was restored in the Edo period by Taichu (1552 - 1639), who entered the temple as a priest.

30 Higashikujo Kamigoryo-cho, Minami Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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