Myoen-ji Temple (Kyoto City) (妙円寺 (京都市))

Myoen-ji Temple is located in Matsugasaki, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City and is a temple of the Nichiren Sect, founded by Nichiren in 1253. Its sango (literally, "mountain name"), the title prefixed to the name of a Buddhist temple is Shosakizan. Its honzon (the principal image of Buddha) is Kuon-jitsujo honshi Shakamuni-butsu (the eternal life of the Buddha) and Daikokuten (Mahakala). It is known in the name of Matsugasaki Daikokuten, one of Miyako Shichifukujin (Seven Gods and Goddesses in Kyoto).

This temple is said to have originated from a retirement retreat for Nichiei built within Honyu-ji Temple (danrin, or a school annexed to the temple; present day Yusen-ji Temple) in 1616. In this temple, Daikokuten is known to be enshrined.

31 Matsugasaki, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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