Nichia (日阿)

Nichia (? - March 10, 1407) was the seventh head priest of Taiseki-ji Temple. His date of birth is unknown.

On June 4, 1406, due to the death of the sixth high priest Nichiji, Nichia became the seventh high priest of the temple.

He died on March 10, 1407.

Not many details are known about Priest Nichia, however, one theory is that he was not a Buddhist priest but a nyudo (lay-monk).
According to the 17th high priest, Nissei, in his 'Fujimonke-chukenmon,' he says 'According to legend, Nichia was a representative for the high priest and was not formally a high priest, however I (Nissei) believe that he was a proper high priest.'
Furthermore, according to the 31st high priest Nichiin in 'Record of Priest Nichiu,' because the 6th high priest Nichiji died without transmitting the teachings to a successor, Nichia temporarily assumed succession. Then, Nichia found a priest (the 8th Priest Nichei) suitable for transmitting the teachings at Yoho-ji Temple in Kyoto, however Nichia also died before Nichei arrived. At this time, Nichia entrusted the transmission to the lay priest Yuzuno Jonen and it is said that Yuzuno Jonen was affiliated with Priest Nichei.

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