Nichiin (日院)

Nichiin (1518 - August 16, 1589) was the 13th head priest of Taiseki-ji Temple.

Personal history
1518: Born in Tosa.

1527: Ascended to the position of 13th head priest (aged 9) following the death of 12th head priest Nicchin.

1556: Commanded Nichiyo, master of Nisshin of Yoho-ji Temple in Kyoto, to transcribe the Nika Sojo (Two Successions) of Omosu.

November 9, 1558: Conducted the ordination of Nisshin and Jakuen of Yoho-ji Temple in Kyoto, and presented a book to Taiseki-ji Temple which he hoped would go into circulation among the temples of Fuji. November 15: Nichiin declined this.

October 13, 1567: Commanded Myogyobo of Kojima to take Nisshu (aged 13) as his disciple and dispatched him to Shingyo-ji Temple, Hirai, Shimotsuke.

February 7, 1569: The halls of Taiseki-ji Temple damaged by fire resulting from a conflict involving Shingen TAKEDA.

July 6, 1589: Passed away aged 72.

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