Nichiren Hon Sect (日蓮本宗)

Nichiren Hon Sect, whose sect founder was Nichiren and school founder was Nisson of Fujimon School, is a school that inherits Nichiren's teachings. Yoho-ji Temple, its head temple, is one of the Komon eight head temples.

Sect Founder
Second Grogenitor Nikko
Third Grogenitor Nichimoku

School Founder
Nisso is the fourth progenitor.

Head Temple
Yoho-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture)

With succeeding Nikko's dharma, this school divides the basis of Hoke-kyo Sutra (Lotus Sutra) into Hon-Jaku (Honmon and Shakumon, a theory of the Fundamental Aspect (Honmon) and the Manifestation Doctrine (Shakumon) of the Lotus Sutra in Nichiren Buddhism) and decides mastery for each. Although it was once forced to adopt the philosophy of Icchi School and Zobutsu School by Kansei no honan (the religious persecution in Kansei era), it is, at present, a school of Fujimon School whose principal image of Buddha is mandala.

In 1339, Nisson established Jogyoin Temple (Kyoto Prefecture).

In 1550, Nisshin merged Jogyoin Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) with Juhon-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture) and renamed it Yoho-ji Temple (Kyoto Prefecture). In 1872, Nissonmon School was associated with other schools that inherit Nichiren's Teaching in accordance with the system of one superintendent priest for one sect.

In 1874, Nissonmon School became affiliated with the Shoretsu School of Nichiren Sect, which was an integrated religious order of the Shoretsu School. In 1876, as the Shoretsu School of Nichiren Sect was dissolved into each school, Nissonmon School organized an integrated religious order together with other head temples and their branch temples of Fujimon School, nominated its own superintendent priest and officially named itself the Komon School of Nichiren Sect (Komon School).

In 1899, Komon School was renamed Honmon Sect.

In 1941, Honmon Sect merged with the Shoretsu School of Kenpon Hokke Sect and Icchi School of Nichiren Sect in accordance with the Religious Corporation Act and officially named themselves Nichiren Sect.

In 1950 when Nichijo ADACHI was the chief abbot, Yoho-ji temple and 50 of its branch temples became independent from Nichiren Sect (some of the branch temples remained in Nichiren Sect and became members of Shimane Sonmonkai (島根尊門会) of Koto Hoenkai (興統法縁会) and since then, they have been officially calling themselves Nichiren Hon Sect up to the present time.

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