Nijuyohai (二十四輩)

Nijuyohai refers to the 24 top disciples of the Buddhist monk Shinran when he propagated the Buddhist faith in the Kanto region, as well as the temples worshiping these disciples as founders.

Existing three rolls of 'Nijuyohai-cho' (a document with joint signatures of 24 disciples) nationwide introduce the details of Nijuyohai. It is believed that Shinran, with the aim of propagating and handing down the original doctrine, chose direct disciples who would correctly inherit his teachings, against the background that an increasing number of people gradually run counter to the Shinran's teachings and propagated wrong doctrine. It is uncertain and controversial how and why those 24 disciples were chosen among a large number of disciples. However, it is an undoubted fact that those 24 disciples played an important role in propagating Buddhist faith in the Kanto region.

While the temples worshiped as Nijuyohai repeated relocations and rebuildings, with the establishment of branch temples, the number of temples with the status of Nijuyohai has increased to around 180.

The list of Nijuyohai

The following are the names of the 24 disciples known as Nijuyohai.

The first disciple: Shoshin
The second disciple: Shinbutsu
The third disciple: Junshin
The fourth disciple: Jonen
The fifth disciple: Shingyo
The sixth disciple: Jonen
The seventh disciple: Sainen
The eighth disciple: Shosho
The ninth disciple: Zensho
The 10th disciple: Zeshin
The 11th disciple: Muishin (or Muishi)
The 12th disciple: Zennen
The 13th disciple: Shingan
The 14th disciple: Teishin
The 15th disciple: Nyusai
The 16th disciple: Nyushin (of Anazawa)
The 17th disciple: Nenshin
The 18th disciple: Nyushin (of Hatta)
The 19th disciple: Myoho
The 20th disciple: Jizen
The 21st disciple: Yuibutsu
The 22nd disciple: Yuishin (of Tomori)
The 23rd disciple: Yuishin (of Hataya)
The 24th disciple: Yuien

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