Nissho (日昌)

Nissho (1562 to May 17, 1622) was the 15th head priest of Taiseki-ji Temple. He was the first head priest in the Edo period.

Brief Personal History
Born in September, 1562.

He joined a parishioner of Iidaka-Danrin School (present Hanko-ji Temple) in Shimosa Province in November, 1583.

He moved from Yobo-ji Temple in Kyoto to Taiseki-ji Temple in September, 1594.

He inherited teachings from Nicchu in Rengyo-ji Temple of Koganei, Shimotsuke Province on October 22, 1596.

He gave teachings to Nichiju in March, 1607.

He founded Hokke-ji Temple in Iwaki Miharu, Mutsu Province on January 8, 1614.

He founded Myoko-ji Temple in Gonbosakai-mura in Suruga Province in May, 1616.

The 14th Nisshu sent a letter to Nissho from Koganei in Shimotsuke Province on September 4, 1617.

He provided a principal image to Myoko-ji Temple in Gonbosakai-mura, Suruga Province on April 18, 1620.

He died at the age of 61 on May 17, 1622.

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