Ofumi (letters) (御文)

The term "Ofumi" refers to letters of sermons written in kana by Rennyo, the eighth chief priest of Hongan-ji Temple of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, which were dispatched to followers throughout the country as a means of propagation. These letters of Rennyo are called 'Gobunsho' by the Hongan-ji sect of the Jodo Shinshu school, 'Ofumi' by the Otani sect of the Shinshu school, and 'Gokansho' by the Kosho sect of the Shinshu school. Before the Hongan-ji sect became divided into East and West, the letters had been called 'Ofumi'.

Ennyo, a grandson of Rennyo, selected eighty letters out of two hundred and several dozen letters, and compiled them into five books which were called "Gojo Ofumi" ("Letters in Five Books.")
Among them, the first to fourth books contained the letters with dates arranged in chronological order. In the fifth book, letters without clear dates were compiled. Therefore, the last letter contained in the fourth book, which was the fifteenth letter, 'Establishment of Osaka,' is regarded as the last letter written by Rennyo himself. It is also considered to be the will of Rennyo.

In addition, there existed "Geno Ofumi" (literally, "Letters of the Summer") and "Gozokusho Ofumi" (literally, "Letters written under Secular Names.")
Letters which were not included in the "Gojo Ofumi" were collectively called "Jogai Ofumi" (literally, "Extra Letters,") except those included in the "Geno Ofumi" and "Gozokusho Ofumi."

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