Shimotsuma Shinrai (下間真頼)

Shinrai SHIMOTSUMA (1513 - July 15, 1552) was a bokan (a priest who served the family of a monzeki (the head priest of the head temple of a sect, formerly led by the founder of the sect)), who served the Otani family. His father is Raikei SHIMOTSUMA, his elder brother Korai SHIMOTSUMA (Tango), and his son Rairyu SHIMOTSUMA.

Because his mother was the wet nurse of Ennyo, Shinrai SHIMOTSUMA, as well as his elder brother, had a large say in Hongan-ji Temple. He used the name Kozuke no suke (Assistant Governor of Kozuke Province) assigned by a sosha (a person in charge of informing a shogun or daimyo of the name of visitors to the residence before a meeting) in the era of Shonyo. When his elder brother, who was a joza (the highest rank of bokan), died suddenly in 1549, Shinrai SHIMOTSUMA was appointed as a proxy of joza for his elder brother's young sons, Raiso SHIMOTSUMA and Raigei SHIMOTSUMA, until they came of age. However, he himself succumbed to illness suddenly three years later.

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