Shotoku sect (聖徳宗)

Shotoku sect is one of Japanese Buddhism sect for which Horyu-ji Temple in Ikaruga-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture is Sohonzan (Grand Head temple). Hokki-ji Temple and Horin-ji Temple (Ikaruga-cho) are the shohonzan (a head temple) of the sect and here are 29 branch temples, such as Chugu-ji Temple, which is a Monzeki Temples (temple in which Imperial family serves as head priest).

It separated from the Hosso sect in 1950 and was granted status as religious corporation in 1952. The founder of the sect is Prince Shotoku. The sect regards "Sankyogisho", the three-sutra annotations written by the prince, as the Holy Scripture.

Successive sect chiefs

The fifth chief: Ryoshin TAKADA

The sixth chief: Genmyo ONO

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