Shoyoroku (a Buddhist book) (従容録)

Shoyoroku is a Buddhist book from the era of the Sung dynasty in China. It was compiled by Bansho Gyoshu. It consists of six volumes. It was completed in 1223.


Also called "Bansho Rojin Hyosho Tendokaku Osho Shoko Shoyoan Roku," it is a collection of koan (questions that a master gives to a person who seeks the secret of Zen, which take a great deal of thought and meditation to solve) and is highly evaluated in the Soto sect. In addition to Shoko Hyakusoku (a hundred Shoko koan) by Wanshi Shogaku, it also includes introductory comments called suishi, partial short comments called chogo, and general comments called hyosho.

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