Sorin (metal pinnacle on the top of a pagoda) (相輪)

Sorin refers collectively to a metal pinnacle built on the roof of a five-storied pagoda, etc., which rises heavenward.

From the top
Hoju (a bulb-shaped ornament): It contains Busshari (Buddha's ashes).

Ryusha: (It represents) a carriage for the nobles
Suien (water flame): It has a motif of flames but is considered water flames to avoid a fire.

Kurin (Horin) (nine vertically stacked rings): It represents Gochi Nyorai (Five Buddha Statues representing Five Different Wisdoms of Buddha) and Shi Bosatsu (Four Bodhisattvas).

Ukebana (lotus-shaped support of a seat, pedestal or pagoda finial): a decorative stand

Fukubachi (inverted bowl-shaped part on top of a pagoda): (It represents) an inverted bowl-shaped mound tomb. Shape similar to stupa

Roban (dew basin at the bottom of a pagoda finial): A foundation for Fukubachi

Hoju is regarded the most important part because it contains Busshari.

Incidentally, the central pole that vertically combines all parts is called 'satsu,' or 'sekkan.'

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