Tsugenjakurei (通幻寂霊)

Tsugenjakurei (1322 - June 7, 1391) was a Soto sect Buddhist monk during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His secular surname was Fujiwara. His real personal name was Jakurei. His pseudonym was Tsugen. He came from Musashigori, Kunisaki District, Buzen Province.

He took the tonsure under Jozansozen of Daikoji Temple in Buzen Province at the age of 17, and in the next year he was ordained as a Buddhist priest by receiving the commandments of Buddhism at the ordination hall of Dazaifu. In 1340, he studied under Meihosotetsu at Daijo-ji Temple in Kaga Province, and in 1352, he studied under Gazanjoseki at Soji-ji Temple in Noto Province and inherited their teachings. In 1358, he became the fifth head priest of Soji-ji Temple, and in 1370, he founded Yotaku-ji Temple in Tanba Province under the patronage of Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA. In obedience to the command of Emperor Goenyu, he became a personal manager 'Soroku' of Tosho, and later lived in Sojiji Temple again. In 1386, he founded Ryusen-ji Temple in Echizen Province. Among the disciples of Tsugen, outstanding Zen sect priests appeared and were collectively called "Tsugen Great Ten".

A legend say that Jyakurei was a baby who had been brought up by a ghost of 'Child rearing Ghost'.

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