Zengen Shosenshu Tojo (Commentary of the Chan-yuan-chu-chuan-chi tu-hsu) (禅源諸詮集都序)

Zengen Shosenshu Tojo is the preface 'Tojo' of "Zengen Shosenshu" (lost book), a collection of words and geju (hymns in honor of doctrine, Buddha and bodhisattva) used by various schools of Zen, compiled by Shumitsu KEIHO who was a monk in the Tang Dynasty period in China and only this part remains in existence today.
It can be said that it is an important literature in the History of Buddhism preaching the 'Convergence of Ch'an and the Teachings.'

Zengen Shosenshu Tojo consists of 4 volumes. On the first page, there is a statement by Haikyu. "Zengen Shosenshu" is also known as "Zenna Riko Shosenshu" which was considered to be a copious book consisting of over 100 volumes in all. Unfortunately, however, having been scattered and lost over the years, it no longer exists today. While succeeding to the teachings of the Kataku Sect, the author, Shumitsu, became the 5th Patriarch of Kegon Sect personifying the convergence of Ch'an and the Teachings.

It is included in "Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo" (A collection of Buddhist Scriptures compiled in 100 volumes), Volume 48, 'Shoshu bu' (All the sects) Chapter 5.

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