Ishikoridome (イシコリドメ)

Ishikoridome is a god appearing in the Japanese mythology. She was regarded as an ancestral deity of Kagami zukuri no muraji (the mirror-making clans). Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) describes her as 伊斯許理度売命 (Ishikoridome no Mikoto), or as her another names of 櫛石窓神 (Kushiiwamado no Kami) and 豊石窓神 (Toyoiwamado no Kami) while Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) describes her as 石凝姥命 (Ishikoridome no Mikoto).

Descriptions in mythology
In the story of Ama no Iwato (the hiding of Amaterasu Omikami, the sun goddess, in the heavenly rock cave), she created the Mirror of Yata (the eight-span mirror: one of the Imperial regalia). Incidentally, the Hinokuma-jingu and Kunikakasu-jingu Shrines (Wakayama City) keep the Mirrors of Higata and Hiboko created prior to the Mirror of Yata. The Mirror of Higata and the Mirror of Hiboko are Shintai (an object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine in which the spirit of a deity is traditionally believed to dwell) of the Hinokuma-jingu Shrine and the Kunikakasu-jingu Shrine respectively. Upon Tensonkorin (the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess), she was ordered to descend onto the earth to accompany Ninigi (the grandson of the Sun Goddess) as one of Itsutomonoo (five deities later to become ancestral deities of the five clans) along with Amenokoyane, Futodama, Amenouzume and Tamanooya.

Her name means an old woman who casts a mirror from a stone mold.

She is worshiped as the god of casting and metalworking. She is enshrined in the Fuigo-jinja Shrine (Tennoji Ward, Osaka City), the Nakayama-jinja Shrine (Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture), the Kagamitsukurinimasu amaterumitama-jinja Shrine (Shiki-gun, Nara Prefecture), Iwayama-jinja Shrine (Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture), etc.

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