Takahashi Ujibumi (高橋氏文)

"Takahashi Ujibumi" (histories compiled by the Takahashi family) is a history book, a collection of records, in ancient Japan.

During a power struggle with the Azumi clan, the Takahashi clan, who served at the Naizenshi (Imperial Table Office) of the Ministry of the Sovereign's Household, compiled oral traditions and presented it to the Imperial Court as the record of family in 789. In 792, Takahashi Ujibumi was released as Daijokanpu (official documents issued by Daijokan, Grand Council of State).

Unfortunately, the complete book was not preserved, but copies of original sentences can be found in "Honcho Gatsuryo" (Records of annual events and their origins), "Seiji Yoryaku" (Brief Outline of Government), "Nenju Gyoji Hisho" (Secret records of annual events) and so on.

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