Araumi no soji (荒海障子)

Araumi no soji (also referred as Araumi no shoji) is an upholstered Tsuitate shoji (a partitioning screen, sometimes an opaque panel screen or sometimes a wooden screen set in a stand) set up at the end of northeast of Hiro-bisashi (broad eaves) of Seiryoden (Literally, Limpid Cool Hall, an Imperial summer palace). Approximately 2.7m high.

On the south side of its front, it had black ink pictures of a Tenagajin (man who has long arms) and an Ashinagajin (man who has long legs) on an island in a rough sea, and on the back, a picture of a Hiuo (sweetfish fry) fisherman in an ajiro (wickerwork) in Uji.

It was described in "Makura no soshi" (the Pillow Book) and "Taiheiki" (The Record of the Great Peace).

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