Buri Daikon (fatty yellowtail head simmered with daikon radish) (ぶり大根)

Buri daikon is a dish in which ara (discarded portions) of buri is broiled in soy sauce with daikon. It is a 'winter dish' which is in season in winter when buri puts on fat. It is popular and served all over Japan. It is a local dish in Toyama Prefecture.

How to Cook

Scale buri, pour boiling water over it, and rinse it in cold water to extract dark flesh from it.

Slice daikon in rounds, peel it, and boil it in rice-water (milky water resulting from washing uncooked rice) preparatorily for about an hour.

Put the buri, the daikon and thinly sliced ginger into a pan, add soy sauce, mirin (sweet cooking rice wine) and sugar in moderate amounts, and then boil until the daikon is colored.

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