HeihokaHyohoka (tactician) (兵法家)

兵法家 (reads heihoka/hyohoka) refers to the following.

Heihoka' is a tactician such as Sun Wu and Wu Qi who preached on tactics and strategy of military science.

Hyohoka' is a Japanese martial artist in the Japanese Sengoku period (period of warring states). Details are explained below.

Hyohoka is one who made a living by teaching military art (especially Japanese martial art such as kenjutsu (swordplay) and the art of the spearmanship) in Japanese Sengoku period.

Purpose of art of warfare (兵法: reads hyoho) is to develop individual military art techniques. Therefore it was not considered practical in actual warfare, and even among famous busho (Japanese military commander) such as Kiyomasa KATO and Masanori FUKUSHIMA, few of them learned art of warfare. It was rather considered as an ashigaru waza (art of common foot soldier). Famous people who called himself hyohoka included Bokuden TSUKAHARA, Nobutsuna KAMIIZUMI and Musashi MIYAMOTO. However hyohoka was not generally valued high.
(It is believed that they were not considered as busho who managed the main issue.)
Even Musashi MIYAMOTO, who earned highest salary apart from daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in Yagyu Domain, was only 700 koku (194.6 cubic meters) at Hosokawa clan in his later years, which is an equal treatment of a chief retainer in a shohan (domain where crop yields are small).
(However Musashi can be distinguished from normal 'Hyohoka' considering his artistic talent and the fact that he sublimated kenjutsu to metaphysical level.)

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