Hikae yagura (控櫓)

Hikae yagura is Zamoto (leaders of theatrical companies) which took over the performance rights and ran the theaters on behalf of the playhouses (Hon yagura [the three licensed theaters, Edo Sanza]) authorized by the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) because the playhouses could not give any performance due to financial woes etc. in the Edo period.

Only Edo Sanza (Nakamura-za Theater, Ichimura-za Theater and Morita-za Theater) were licensed to run Kabuki Theaters, and their Hikae yagura were Miyako-za Theater, Kiri-za Theater and Kawarazaki-za Theater respectively. It is said that the playhouses faced continued financial difficulties due to a series of fires and reconstruction activities in the Edo period.

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