Isa-ha group of the Sekishu-ryu school (a group of Sekishu-ryu school of Japanese tea ceremony) (石州流伊佐派)

The Isa-ha group of the Sekishu-ryu school is the buke-sado (the art of the tea ceremony of samurai families). They are a branch of the Sekishu-ryu school.

During the Edo period, they had handed down a position at the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) called Sukiya-kumigashira (a person who is responsible for the tea room and equipment for the shogun) for generations, and they supported the Ryuei-chado (the tea ceremony for the Shogunate) in cooperation with the Kajun-ha group of the Sekishu-ryu school and the Nomura-ha group of the Sekishu-ryu school.

After the Meiji Restoration, the Isa family retired from the tea ceremony after the fifth generation headman, but Munenaga SODEYAMA (袖山宗脩, 1853 - 1932), who was a disciple of the school, restored the family's tea ceremony, and his group has called themselves Isa-ha group since then.

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