Jimonkoryu (寺門興隆)

Jimonkoryu is a monthly magazine of Japan. Formerly, it was titled 'Gekkan Jushoku' (Monthly Magazine, Chief Priest).

The antecedent magazine "Gekkan Jushoku" was suspended at the July 1998 issue with the bankruptcy of the publisher, Kinkasha, afterward in December of the same year, it restarted by Kohzansha.

Succeeding from 'Gekkan Jushoku', the chief editor was also Sumimichi YAZAWA, who is an active chief priest of Shingon-shu Sect in Mt. Koya. Issues in circulation were 15000. The number of pages was almost 180. Moreover, a 12-page separate volume of 'Howa Tokushu' (Sermon Feature) is attached to each issue.


Same as 'Gekkan Jushoku,' it is a practical magazine for chief priests of all temples, all temple families, and all priests, regardless of sect.

Like other practical magazines, it has articles such as 'How to choose Samue(Japanese Indigo Working Kimono),' 'Japanese-style confections beloved by parishioners' and reports from chief priests who are piling up beneficence in various places, and also a lot of scandalous articles such as 'The bogging traial for a graveyard between a parishioner and a chief priest' and 'A murder case of a chief priest.'
Another feature is flamboyant writers for the serial stories.

In each issue, there are six to twelve pages of five or six articles written by the editorial department. Other articles of the editorial department are as follows.

"Photo Mandala" is a photographic article that highlights rare photographs.

"Short Reportage" features three or four hot short articles regardless of goodness or evilness for the Buddhist field.

"You Can See it at a Glance! Buddhist temple construction file" shows information on buddhist temple construction. Information such as costs, construction periods, and construction companies are included.

"Sogyo-Zokugyo-Sekenho" collects gossip articles that are likely to be published as city news in a newspaper.

"We are Chief Priests" are contributed articles from readers. A column for small good stories is on the same page.

"Buddhist books" is an introduction of Buddhism-related books that are on sale in that month. A column for small good stories is on the same page.

"Voice" reprints contributed articles concerning Buddhism and religion from other newspapers and magazines.

Serial writings

Susumu SHIMAZO 'Practical Thought Theory of Japanese Buddhism'
Hiromi SHIMADA 'What is Soka Gakkai?' (After being retouched and corrected, it was published as books such as "Soka Gakkai" by Shincho New Book, "Ability of Soka Gakkai" by Asahi Shimbun, and "Soka Gakkai that becomes a race" by Kodansha).
Hiroshi KOZEN 'Chinese Character Buddhism Idle Pilgrimage'
Satoru IKEUCHI 'Shikisokuzeku, Things Begin With Science'
Kesao IHARA 'Emperor and Buddhism'
Mamiko OKADA (religious environmentalist) 'Upcoming Theories on Buddha's Heart Ecology'
Tadahiko TAKATORI (garden designer) 'Garden making for temples'
Akikazu TAKADA (doctor) 'New Doctor's Hear and Buddha's Heart'
Yasukuni TOYOSHIMA (folk custom writer) 'Lecture on Secret Prayer Form'
Shinya YAMADA (folklorist)'A Detailed Analytical Theory on Contemporary Funerals'
Keiichi MIYAMOTO (sign philosopher) 'Buddha's Words'
Yoshiteru TAKAHASHI (the chief priest of Shingon sect of Mt. Koya) 'Diary of a Wicked Priest on Bone Mountain'
Mariko KAGAMISHIMA (wife of the chief priest of Sotosect) 'Note of Complaints from Temple Families, Their True Voices'
Masumi INAGAKI (journalist) 'Key word of this month'
Hideaki OMURA (religious scholar) 'Gatahishi Nibutsuchugen'
Shigeo ARAKI (scholar of Asia Studies) 'Religious trend of six billion people'
"Legal aid services"answers legal questions from the readers. Rei HASHIGUCHI, Kazuya HIRAMATSU, and Masahiro HASEGAWA are mostly in charge.

"Tax Consultation" answers inquiries about taxes from readers. Hideshi SANETO is in charge.

Moreover, each issue has two 'Frank Speaking to Chief Priests and Temples': essays by famous peoples of various sectors, ranging from literary world, public entertainments, music, academics, to journalism.

Serial writings in a separate volume

Book of Preaching Topics': an article by the editorial department. It introduces the preaching trends among the recently published books.

Eiichi SHINOHARA (the chief priest of Soto sect) 'Those who preach in secular lives' (published as the book "True stories that I would like all people to read" by Kohzansha)
Hiroshi KAMEI (Otani faction of Shin sect, a former editing committee member of "Doho Shimbun") 'Wisdom of Sayings by Buddha' (published as the "Book on why that sort of lifestyle doesn't work" by Kohzansha)
Fujiya TOMITA (educational counselor) "Discussion preaching between a parent and a child"
Kosho TADA (Buddhism scholar) 'Introduction of etiquette in Buddhism' (published as the book "Where did a Buddhist mortuary tablet come from?" by Kohzansha)
Eyu MURAKOSHI (the chief priest of Rinzai sect, illustrator) 'Basic funeral seminar'
Every day Buddhism, preaching, Saint sayings' explains words for preaching. Jiro Tanaka (writer), Masanori MINEGISHI (the chief priest of Soto sect), and Ryochi SUYAMA (the chief priest of Shingon sect of Mt. Koya) take turns in writing.

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