Kamigata Hanashika (traditional comic storyteller of the Kansai region) (上方噺家)

Kamigata hanashika is Hanashika (professional Rakugo storyteller) of Kamigata rakugo, traditional Japanese comic storytelling as performed in the Kyoto-Osaka region.

Existing stage names of Kamigata hanashika are Shofukutei, Katsura, Hayashiya, Tsukitei, Tachibanaya, Tuyu (no), Morino, (and Akashiya). There used to be Tachikawa and Sanyutei, but the former extinguished in the Meiji era and the latter after the Pacific War.

Today they establish Kamigata Rakugo Association.

Shofukutei family can be genealogically divided into Shokaku family of Osaka and Fukumatsu family of Kyoto.
Fukumatsu family, however, has changed its stage name to 'Morino' and their Jomon (family crest) from 'Gomaizasa' (five bamboo grasses) to 'Owl.'

Tsuyuno family is genealogically regarded as a branch of Harudanji family. This is because the second-generation Gorobe was a student of the second-generation Harudanji KATSURA.

Hayashiya of Kamigata was originally separated from Hayashiya of Edo (Tokyo).

Kamigata Hayashiya of today is genealogically regarded as a branch of Shofukutei (Shokaku family), since the five-generation Shokyo SHOFUKUTEI succeeded the professional name of the second-generation Somemaru HAYASHIYA to reestablish the family.
Because of this background of reestablishment, they have 'Somemaru' as the family tomena (uninherite name) instead of original 'Shoza HAYASHIYA.'

Today's Kamigata Hayashiya is divided into the fourth-generation Somemaru family (including the third-generation Somegoro group and the fourth-generation Kosome group) and the third-generation Somezo family. The former is a group of professional Rakugo storytellers belonging to Kamigata Rakugo Association and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. On the other hand the latter was established as a result of clash between Somezo and the sixth-generation Shokaku and established Kansai Rakugo Literature Association, and includes freelance or amateur Rakugo storytellers.

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