Kamikoromo (紙衣)

Kamikoromo (Kamikinu) is a Kimono made of Japanese paper.
It is also referred to as 'Kamiko.'

In the middle of the Heian period, Japanese paper was produced in large volume, and became widely available. As a result, papers came to be used for purposes other than the original purpose, and Japanese paper, which was originally made from tow, came to be used for clothes.

Since it is cheaper than silk clothes, Kamikoromo tends to be considered Kimono which was worn by people with low income. In fact, because it is strong and is conveniently carried, Samurai or haiku poet preferred to use it. It is also known that Shoku or Shinran often wore it.

Sticky and strong papers were required for the raw material of Kamikoromo. Papers including Mino Jumonji paper which was teased in a cross shape and was made of tightly-entangled fibers were used. It was coated with astringent persimmon juice and dried for several times. On a sunny day, it was dried overnight, and was softened through the process of stepping or rubbing by hands to be made into Kamikoromo.

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