Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten (上林春松本店)

Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten Ltd. is a tea wholesale store in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. It was established in the Eiroku era (1558-1569). The current family head is the 14th Shunsho KANBAYASHI.

Their main business activities are processing and selling tea, and as well as delivering tea to master families of tea ceremony, they have sales channels in department stores, and also engage in e-commerce on the World Wide Web. Their lineup ranges from Matcha (green powdered tea) and Gyokuro (refined green tea) to Bancha (coarse tea).

Their tea processing factory accepts tours.

They have 'Uji Kanbayashi Memorial Hall' on Ujibashi-dori Street, Uji City, where information about tea and tea processing utensils are open to the public.


Tea whole sale store Kanbayashi Shunsho Honten Ltd.

38 Ujitaera, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, 611-0021

Tea processing factory

9 Ujikageyama, Uji City, 611-0021

Kanbayashi Memorial Hall

Ujibashi-dori Street 1 chome, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, 611-0021


They have been in business for 450 years (established in the Eiroku era).

During the Edo Period, they took control of Uji as 'Gomotsuchashi (tea dealer patronized by the shogunate).'
They became a company with limited liability in 1952.

Uji Kanbayashi Memorial Hall

Uji Kanbayashi Memorial Hall is a museum of tea on Ujibashi-dori Street. Information of tea and tea processing tools are displayed. Its building itself is historic.

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