Kata (a form) training (形稽古)

Kata training is a training to improve Kata in Geido (Accomplishments of art), Budo (Martial art) and Bujutsu (Martial art) etc. The purpose of "Kata training" is to understand and check accurate shosa (conduct), action and intended meaning of the one's learnt technique (or a style).

Similar: "Kata shiai" (Kata form match), and display of martial arts

Opposite: Randori (free practice in Judo)

Intended meaning of Kata training

There is a saying 'Kata ni hamaru' (fit into a form), as Kata (a form) is not adjustable to changes. Sometime it is talked in negative image such as lack of individuality.

However, there are many styles that set training of Kata as the most fundamental stage of learning.

Term 守破離 (Shuhari) implies stages in improvement of practical arts.

守 (Shu, means Follow): Imitate the movement already set, Kata, accurately. 破 (Ha, means Break): Add personal adaptation to the basics learnt in 守. 離 (Ri, means Leave): Reaching the free stage free from Kata.

In other words, the display of the high level of applications and individuality can only be accomplished by steady learning of Kata.

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