Kezuribushi (shavings of dried fish) (削り節)

The term "kezuribushi" means shavings of dried flesh of bonitos, mackerels, sardines, and other fishes.

Formerly, it had been popular under the name of "katsuobushi" which meant literally "shavings of dried bonito," but since the term was often used to include products of fish other than bonito, it became to be called "kezuribushi" (shavings of dried fish) in order to avoid misunderstanding caused by its name.

Small packets of shavings of dried bonito have become a hit under the brand name of "katsuo pack" (literally, packages of dried bonito) as a convenient item for use at home.
Their popularity was further encouraged by a TV scene, where a well-known chef fed a huge volume of shavings out of katsuo packs into a pan to make katsuo-dashi (bouillon of bonito flesh.)

In a part of Shizuoka Prefecture, kezuribushi of iwashi (shavings of dried sardines) are popularly used. Those made of sardines have plenty of body and are inexpensive to use in great quantities.

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