Maruyama-Shijo School (円山・四条派)

Maruyama-Shijo School is a name collectively referring to Maruyama School founded by Okyo MARUYAMA and Shijo School founded by Goshun MATSUMURA, which became famous in Kyoto from the late Edo Period.

Since Goshun MATSUMURA, the founder of Shijo School, was influenced in his painting style by the sketch style of Okyo MARUYAMA, the founder of Maruyama School, the two schools were later combined in name to be collectively called as "Maruyama-Shijo School".

But actually, Goshun, whose painting style was rooted in literati painting (nanga) of Buson YOSA, it is safe to say that Maruyama School and Shijo School can be distinguished from each other in the painting styles.

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