Mizuage (水揚げ)

Mizuage has the following meanings.

Landing a cargo from a ship
Also called Rikuage.

Fish catch (in fishery).

Sales (in a bar or a nightclub). Earnings.

A method of prolonging life of flowers.

For a young geisha girl to have a patron. Although it tends to be misunderstood, it is different from Mizuage in the red-light district.

In this section, the 'Mizuage' for flowers is mentioned.

See the remarks column of Fishery for the 'Mizuage' in fishery.

Mizuage as a method of prolonging fresh flowers

This is a treatment for prolonging lives of flowers arranged or cut flowers by florists.

The following are typical methods. Kirimodoshi (to cut a stem diagonally). Mizukiri (to cut a stem diagonally under water). Fukamizu (to soak a weakened flower deep into water). Yuage (to soak a flower covered in hot water). Sakamizu (to wet the back of leaves).

Besides, there are various methods including burning, dabbing and crushing the cut end, using vinegar or alcohol instead of water and using a life-prolonging agent.

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