Namizake (Regular Grade Sake) (並酒)

Namizake refers to a sake (Japanese rice wine) brewing method from the Heian to Edo periods which used genmai (unpolished rice) for both the kakemai (steamed rice) and the kojimai (malted rice), as well as the sake made using the method.

It was regarded as being a lower grade sake compared to morohaku (sake brewed from 100% polished white rice) and katahaku (sake brewed from polished white rice kakemai and unpolished rice kojimai). It is thought that the result was a cloudy brown or gold like the color of genmai, and tasted like modern mirin (sweet cooking sake).

However, it was not the lowest grade sake, and home-brewed liquors including nigorizake (unfiltered sake) and doburoku (unrefined sake) were ranked below it.

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