Ogawa school (小川流)

The Ogawa school is one of the schools of Senchado (the way of brewed green tea) established by Kashin OGAWA (Koraku OGAWA the first) in the last years of Edo period.
The head of this school has succeeded the pseudonym of Kashin, 'Koraku.'

Kashin OGAWA established the Ogawa school for re-developing the Senchado against the trend of flaunting tea instruments, antique pieces, or painting and calligraphic works for the tea ceremony, while he tried to learn the characteristics of tea leaves and pursue the logical methodology of brewing sencha tea.

The temae (procedure for making tea) for sencha established by Kashin was favored by the court nobles and the literary circles of Kyoto City in the last days of Tokugawa Shogunate, including Tadahiro KONOE or Tadaka ICHIJO.

After the end of World War II, today's head of the school, Koraku OGAWA the sixth defined the temae in Ryurei method by using chairs and tables for not sitting directly on a tatami mat.

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