Oshimodoshi (the repeller of demons) (押戻)

Oshimodoshi is one of the scenes as well as one of "aragoto" (dynamic performance or a role of kabuki, featuring exaggerated posture, makeup, and costume). It's also counted as one of the eighteen best plays of kabuki by the Ichikawa family. The first performance was presumably Tokimune SOGA in "Kokusenya Takenuki Goro" (Coxinga and Bamboo-Uprooting Goro) played by Danjuro ICHIKAWA (the second) at Edo Nakamura-za Theater in 1727.

It is about the main character who wears striking style of red facial makeup, jirkin with gold rivets, an upswept wig, belted three swords, a hat of woven bamboo and a straw raincoat, carries a green bamboo and appears on a stage, then pushes evil or vengeful spirits which are trying to reach "hanamichi" (a passage through audience to stage) back on the main stage.

Nowadays oshimodoshi appears at the climax of "Narukami" (The Rolling God) and "Musume Dojoji" (The maiden at Dojo-ji Temple) (although it depends on the form of acting). There's also a solo performance of oshimodoshi which was revived by Sansho ICHIKAWA (the fifth) (scripted by Onitaro OKA) in 1934.

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