Saga Goryu (嵯峨御流)

"Saga Goryu" is a school of flower arrangement, whose founder was the Emperor Saga. It is also called 'Kado Sagagoryu' (the Sagagoryu school of flower arrangement).

A Japanese history book says that the Saga Goryu was founded in the Konin period by the fifty second Emperor, Saga (October 7, 786-August 28, 842), who had set up his palace on the ground of Daikaku-ji Temple. He often visited Osawa-no-Ike (Osawa pond), Daikaku-ji Temple and Nakoso-no-Taki (Rapids of Nakoso), both of which were situated next to the temple, enjoying flower arrangement with the flowers blooming by the pond. There is a description in the book that the Emperor Saga once said, 'From now on, I will respect a person as a mentor who admires the beauty of flowers' and encouraged the flower arrangement.

Although 'Saga Goryu' later declined for a while, the fifty ninth Emperor, Uda (June 14, 867-September 8, 931), with the aim of reviving the traditional culture like flower arrangement, entrusted the revival work to Koho MISHOSAI, who learnt flower arrangement of the Misho-ryu school, in the period when the Emperor Uda set up a rikyu (an imperial villa) on the ground of Daikaku-ji Temple. Accepting the emperor's offer, Koho MISHOSAI strove to spread the flower arrangement of Saga Goryu, with the result that 'Saga Goryu' became known nationwide.

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