Saida (サイダー)

Saida is a Japanese term used to refer to alcohol-free, transparent and colorless soda which tastes sweet and sour. It is usually flavored with citrus fruits. It is basically the same as lemonade (a kind of soft drink), but the bottle shape is different and the carbonation is lighter. It is said that saida originated in Arima hot spring resort.

Only people in Japan and the Republic of Korea call this soda saida (equivalent to cider), which originally means alcoholic drink made from apples (British English/cider, French/cidre). The equivalent to the Japanese saida is soda or pop in English. During the war, when English was prohibited because it was the enemy's language, it was called 'funshutsu sui' which means gushing water.

These days, because of the variety of beverages and the popularity of sugar-free drinks such as tea, the share of saida in the whole beverage market has decreased. Meanwhile, consumers who are not satisfied with the standardized taste of the saida produced by major manufacturers are beginning to reevaluate the saida made by small-scale makers left in the local area.
This is called 'local saida.'

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