Shinodamaki (various foods wrapped in deep-fried bean curd) (信太巻)

Shinodamaki is a dish of meat, vegetables, tofu, kamaboko (boiled fish paste) and other ingredients rolled with a sheet of opened abura-age (deep-fried bean curd), and simmered to season.

It is served as a simmered dish as is, or used as a material for oden (a Japanese hot-pot cuisine containing a variety of ingredients cooked in a broth).

The origin of the name

In the Kansai region, a dish using abura-age is often called shinoda (written as 信太 or 信田).

This originates from the legend of foxes living in the forest of Shinoda, and abura-age, which is believed to be their favorite food.

Refer to the article of 'Kuzu no Ha' (Japanese arrowroot leaf).

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