Soboro (Seasoned fish or meat powder) (そぼろ)

Soboro is the soy-simmered, fine-crumb ground meat using pork, chicken, fish or shrimp. Soboro is also prepared by stirring beaten eggs with or without seasoning agents in a skillet over high heat until hot to break up the bits of eggs into dried small clusters.

It is tasted by spreading over the warm rice or as materials for a kind of sushi or bento (lunch box). A dish prepared with pumpkin or daikon (Japanese radish) simmered with minced chicken (soboro made of chicken) is also called soboroni.

More finely ground soboro is called oboro. One of the dishes categorized in oboro is, for example, denbu (mashed and seasoned fish, flesh of whitefish and shrimp that has been boiled, shredded, parched, seasoned, and colored red). The word soboro originally came from ara oboro (roughly prepared oboro). However, oboro that reads in oboro kombu (shredded tangle), oboro tofu (half curdled tofu that is being produced in the making of tofu), and oboro manju (a regular round manju, bun stuffed with azuki-bean paste except that its very thin covering is peeled off after it is steamed) is not the oboro in the aforesaid meanings.

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